What exactly do I get for sponsoring a day on Sticker Dad Up?

I, Michael, the dad, will be stickered up the morning of the sponsored day by at least one of my three kids. I will wear the stickers on me all day for as long as they'll stay stuck on me. Wherever I go, the stickers will go with me.

Each sponsor will also get images with the stickers shared on this website, the Sticker Dad Up Instagram account along with a text overview of the product or service your business provides.

Unfortunately no. Since this is a project that I will be doing with my kids, I'll need to first review the sticker, product or service before accepting them to be featured on the day you wish to sponsor. If I deem them offensive, inappropriate or just a mismatch for this project, you'll be 100% refunded.


Please remember this is a project that will take place with children. I reserve the right to not use your stickers on the grounds that it is offensive, inappropriate or if the product or service that you, your business sells or provides has to do with profanity, drugs, sex or things deemed inappropriate for kids. Each sponsor submission will be reviewed before being featured. If you've got questions about the content of your stickers, please reach out to me on Twitter @stickerdadup before sponsoring a day.

100% refund will be given if not approved to be featured.


There are 3 kids and they love stickers. The more you send, the happier they'll be. Plus stickers tend to fall off through out the day so if you send extras, new ones can be stuck on as needed.

Don't have stickers

You don't have stickers you say? No worries! You can have Sticker Mule print some for you. Use this referral link and you'll get a $10 credit.


Placement of the stickers on your sponsored day is pretty much up to wherever the kids place them on me. While I got my wife to say yes to this project, she did have one rule. Which was the kids cannot place them on my face. I'll let them place the stickers on pretty much anywhere except the face.

Shipping stickers

Stickers should arrive to us no later than one week prior to your sponsor day. If we don't receive your stickers before your sponsor day, we'll be sad 😢 but what we will probably end up doing is going to your website, printing out a large version of your logo and using some tape and sticking it on me (dad).

Sponsoring process

To sponsor a day, this site uses Stripe to process payments. If you have any issues during the check out process, shoot me an email and I'll my best to help resolve the issue.

If you'd like you're more than welcome to sponsor multiple days. Just reach out via email, Instagram and I'd be more than happy to arrange that.